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3W Property Tax Services corporate offices are located in Lubbock, Texas. Although 3W focuses their representation in Texas, and works annually in every Texas county, they also represent holdings that spans a 42 State area. 3W Property Tax Services is a member of the BBB, and an active member of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce.

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"In the Chess Game of Business...."

Preventing "Check Mate" in Business

We now conduct business in an ever changing global environment. Globally many economies are teetering between stability and instability. Business today is truly similar to a Chess Game. One wrong strategic move can impact a business for months and even years. There are some strategic moves that can still be made that just make good financial sense. Many business owners feel like sacrificial "pawns" when it comes to reporting their tangible fixed assets/inventories annually. So much concerning how and what to report can be confusing. This is especially true if a business has locations in different Texas counties. They sense a lack of uniformity in expectations placed upon them by various appraisal districts. The confusion stems not from a malicious intent, rather from disparity contained within the Texas Property Tax Code itself. Tax laws, both Federal and State, require a high level of expertise not only interpret but certainly to apply strategically. No business owner wants to hear the words "check mate" when they receive their property tax statement every October. Current economic conditions demand every business implement cost controls. In good times business owners look for ways to maximize profit dollars; in bad times business owners must maximize profit dollars. In Texas paying property taxes is simply a cost of doing business. A hard cost that has escalated over the years. Property taxes account for one of the largest line item expenses for every business owner. Managing property taxes does not have to be a losing game. Every business owner can go from feeling like a sacrificial pawn in the property tax game to once again feeling like the King of their business. The key is to have 3W Property Tax Services make the necessary strategic decisions when it comes to the Chess Game of property tax.

Protect Profit Strategically

There are certain costs involved in operating a business. The owner who has systems in place to control fixed costs typically profits most. One area of expense that can be strategically managed are the applicable property tax liabilities. It is possible to strategically mange these taxes and keep them as low as possible each year. If new property tax legislation is applied then tax assessments would be more “fair and equitable.” Taxes saved are profits earned. 3W Property Tax Services management services truly become an investment and not an expense.

Business Personal Property & Commercial Real Estate

Even though one business may be the same as another business, the assets/inventories are uniquely different. Because this is true 3W Property Tax Services develops a customized strategic plan for every individual business client. How to report tangible fixed assets/inventories is similar to moving pieces on a Chess Board. In a Chess game every move puts you closer to wining or closer to losing. 3W utilizes a line item by line item approach to reporting fixed assets. Strategically classifying tangible fixed assets/inventories is similar to the strategic move of a piece on a Chess board. The property tax value of an asset is impacted greatly by the age, type, percentage of use, market trends, condition, etc. of the asset. The analysis of an asset determines the best classification of the asset resulting in a "fair and equitable level of assessment" of the asset.